This can be expanded up To 30 Station Machine is set with P.L.C. for production of Soles, Sandals, Slipper, Shoes in polyurethane material single or double density. An up to four colours, power required 15 kw 30kw.



8 station performing machine with heated metal lasts suitable for moccasin uppers.


Heat Setter

Heat setter at two station for sole ironing with high air velocity. Temperature can be regulated up to 200*C, conveyor and water supply will started when reach up to 90 C in the chamber.

3 Heat Setter

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The complete range of the machines for the shoe lasting manufactured by S. T. INTERNATIONAL and the ongoing research developed together with the biggest names of the Indian and International fashion allows our company to satisfy the real needs of the shoe manufactures all over the world.

To invest in S. T. INTERNATIONAL line is an important step:
* Time saving
* Easier technical assistance and spare parts management
* To buy more than 50 years of experience in the shoe lasting qualified staff ready for all the needs of the most modern shoe manufacturers.

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